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Above: Incredible turquoise cuff bracelet. A work of art! $320

Left: Our very best seller! Hammered cuff bracelet. Dress it up or down... No two ever the same! $174

Right: Simple circles of sterling make this a cuff you'll want to wear everyday. $115

Above: Hammered and square coiled dangle earrings. $69

Left: Abaloni...It goes fabulously with almost anything...size 7 $118. All rings can be sized usually within  2-3 days.

Right: The ever popular love knot ring starting at $48

Artworks by Melissa 
Mose Tolliver, from Montgomery, AL, was one of the most highly regarded American self-taught artists. Every time I visited Mose, I was always sure to meet someone from across the country who made it a point to stop at Mose T's in order to add a piece or two to their collection.It seemed that when you visited, his home was always open, and someone was always cooking in the kitchen. Even the bed that Mose slept in (as well as whatever clothes that he had on that day) were always covered in paint. I asked him one day why he still painted with just regular house paint, he told me, "I figured if it would stay on the outside, it would stay on the inside." The story of Mose is very inspiring and one that we could all take a lesson from. He is one of Alabama's most recognized and collected artists.

Left: 13x13.5 $450

Right: 13x13.5 $450

​Above: 20x30 $280

Left: 11.25x11.25 $190

Right: 11.25x11.25 $190

​Above: 20x16 $139
Left: 37x16 $500

Right: 21x7 1/4 $300